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by Kristof Maletzke, 25.01.17

PayPal is not only one of the most popular payment methods in ecommerce. The company also publishes useful advice for online merchants on a regular basis. In this article we show you three examples.

How to grow your online business

How high is the engagement rate of your shop? Is it time to reach out to new target groups and transform your shopper experience? In PayPal’s guide on growing your business, you will find tips on how to build a loyal customer base and raise awareness for your business and products. This guide will walk you through many concepts, such as adopting search engine optimisation techniques and attracting customers through remarketing. You can download the guide “How to grow your online business” for free.

Selling internationally

There is a world of potential customers, waiting to buy and enjoy new products. According to McKinsey Global Institute, there will be 1.8 billion additional consumers to target worldwide by 2025, so now could be the ideal time to plan international expansion and enjoy new markets. PayPal’s guide on this topic provides tips on trading, payment options, shipping and returns as well as selling strategies. More information on this in the “How to Sell Internationally” guide.

The UK consumer behavior survey

How do UK customers like to shop? Which aspects of the online shopping experience are the most important ones for them? To find out more about this, PayPal conducted a useful analysis of shopper behavior. This can be helpful for you as a merchant, whether you are located in the UK or simply sell to UK shoppers. The data provides valuable insights into what makes British shoppers happy and what can lead them to abandon their shopping carts. This information can help you with converting customers from browsing to buying. Details here.

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