Hootsuite and GetSocial: more success with social commerce

by Kristof Maletzke, 23.01.17

The ePages apps Hootsuite und GetSocial support you with promoting your company on social networks and with acquiring new customers.

For you as an online merchant, social networks can mean a lot of fun. If you are enthusiastic about your products and your shop, you probably enjoy talking about it with others. This is the best precondition to activate fans and supporters on Facebook, Twitter and co. At the same time, social commerce activities can mean a lot of work. You have to create new content, post it, answer support requests and maybe also watch your competitors.

Luckily there are some applications in our app store that help you with this – for example Hootsuite and GetSocial. With Hootsuite you can manage several social networks in one app. GetSocial offers various tools to make your online shop more popular. By using these apps, you can make sure that your social activities are as efficient as possible.

To use these apps for your shop, visit the ePages App Store in your shop’s administration area. Select Apps & Themes and then App Store. The apps need to be available in the package you chose at your provider.


Hootsuite allows you to take care of several social media accounts at the same time. You can post content, schedule postings for the future, keep in touch with your customers and can evaluate the reach of your social media activities.

The app is very easy to use: You just have to get a Hootsuite account and connect it to your social media channels. If you are using the Pro plan of Hootsuite, you get access to various useful statistics and can get a better understanding of your success in social networks.


GetSocial offers a variety of tools for social commerce. If social networks are part of your sales strategy you will benefit from this app. With GetSocial you can communicate with your customers, engage with them and change the design of your shop’s social media buttons. The app can help you with improving your conversion rate and customer satisfaction. In order to use GetSocial, you first need to get an account for this app. You can add the GetSocial buttons to your shop by adding a code snippet in your shop’s administration area.

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