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by Kristof Maletzke, 30.06.16

The page elements of the ePages online shops allow merchants to customise the design of their shop with predefined elements in an easy way.

What are page elements?

You can add certain elements to your site – like your logo, a link to your shopping cart or your promotional products. Unlike the apps, which we showcased in this article, page elements are shown on every sub-page of your shop. So if you add an element like a search field, it is then displayed on the home page, every product page and all the other sub-pages.


These elements offer you a variety of options to improve and customise your shop. Some are more cosmetic in nature – for instance the logos you can insert. Other page elements offer complex and very useful functionalities though, like the mega menu which can greatly improve your shop’s usability.

How to add a page element

In your shop’s administration area, select Design in the main menu and then Quick Design.


Click on one of the blue plus iconsplusin the area where you want to add a page element.

A window opens. Select the general type of page element on the left side.

Page elements in ePages

Now you can see all the page elements of the type you selected. Click on the element you want to add. Elements that are marked with an * are already displayed in your shop at least once.

Depending on the element, you might need to specify some settings now.

Voilà – your page element has been added to your shop. You do not even need to save the changes.

For more information, view our video tutorial. There you can also see how to remove a page element completely, how to move it or position it pixel-precisely.

Please check in your shop afterwards if everything looks as planned.

What page elements are available?


The logo is an important page element for showing your brand. It is also used by your customers to navigate to your shop’s home page.

We advise you to position the logo in the upper left corner of your shop, because this is the typical location where the logo is placed.

Topic area of this page element: More page elements

Product search

Customers often know exactly what they are looking for in your shop. That’s why, instead of browsing and navigating through categories, they directly prefer to enter a term in your product search field.

This option is the equivalent of a shop assistant guiding the customer to the product they are looking for.

If you are wondering if you should provide a product search in your shop: The answer, in most cases, is yes. The only reason we can think of NOT offering this option is if you sell only a very limited number of products which are all displayed on your start page. For all other cases, we would advise you to definitely use this page element.

You can also read our in-depth article about the search in your shop.

Topic area of this page element: Categories and products

Country selection with flags or text


If you offer your content in multiple languages, the customer can easily select his country and language by using this element. If you do not add it, the customer will not be able to select another language.

The country selection automatically displays all the different languages you have set up in your shop’s administration area.

Topic area of this page element: Country and currency selection

Shopping basket

This is an absolute must have. You can design and name it the way it suits your shop the best.

You can also show the content of the basket as a page element, so the customers immediately sees what they are planning to buy on each page.

Topic area of this page element: Shopping basket and order


This is a useful option if your shop has a lot of categories and sub-pages. It will make it much easier to navigate through your shop and generally gives a neat and orderly impression. Read more about this in our article The mega menu: easy navigation for your shop.

Topic area of this page element: Categories and products

Logos of payment providers and shipping companies

Some customers are very interested in the payment and shipping possibilities you offer to them in your shop: Can they pay using PayPal? And do you ship via DHL? To clear up these questions, you can display the logos of the payment and shipping providers in the footer of every page.

Topic areas of this page element: Payment / Logistics

Widgets of Trusted Shops or ekomi

Prove to your customers that you are trustworthy by adding these rating portals to your shop. This kind of information has the possibility to increase your conversion rate in a significant way.

Topic area of this page element: Certificates and ratings

Promotional products

Sales promotions are always a good possibility to make your shop more attractive to your customers. However, your special offers should be easy to find – for instance by using this page element.

Topic area of this page element: Categories and products

Box for last seen products

Sometimes people browse through your shop, find something they like but then forget about it later. With this feature, you can remind them of the last products they looked at in order to raise your sales.

Topic area of this page element: Categories and products

Newsletter Subscription

If you get a new subscriber to your newsletter, you have a potential client with whom you could do marketing and promotions. Therefore, you should make it as easy and attractive as possible to subscribe. For that, this page element is a great way to achieve this.

Topic area of this page element: Customers and sign in

Business hours

With this page element you can show your customers when you are available for them. This is especially useful if you also have a brick-and-mortar store.

Topic area of this page element: More page elements


You can add HTML elements as well. Please pay special attention that you do not enter any code which interferes with your shop’s design.

Topic area of this page element: User-defined page elements

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