Amazon Payments: Let your customers pay with their Amazon accounts

by Kristof Maletzke, 24.05.16

The convenient and secure payment method, Amazon Payments, is now available for ePages powered online shops. It is an ideal measure to win repeat customers from the popular marketplace.

Do you like to buy online yourself? Then you probably already know well one of the most time-consuming parts of the e-commerce experience: When you buy something in an online shop for the first time, you have to re-enter your address data and your payment information. Entering the 16 digits of your credit card and checking if you really spelled your delivery address correctly does not qualify as fun.

Most likely, the customers of your online shop feel the same way. Amazon Payments makes this procedure a lot easier for online shoppers who already have an Amazon account. There are many – at the end of 2015, there were 304 million active Amazon accounts worldwide.

Amazon Payments allows your customers to pay in your shop with the payment and address information directly from their Amazon account. After the transaction, you receive the e-mail address of the customer as well as their address to process the order.

Amazon Payments has many advantages for your customers

What are the benefits of Amazon Payments for customers?

  • Amazon Payments means optimal convenience for customers who already own an Amazon account.
  • The order process can be finished much quicker because customers do not have to enter their payment and shipping data anymore.
  • In the check-out, the customer can choose between all the delivery addresses they previously used at Amazon.

What are the benefits for you as a merchant?

  • Merchants who are offering Amazon Payments to their customers are likely to increase in the conversion rate, due to the advantages mentioned above. This is especially true for the check-out, where customers may abandon the process if it is too tedious for them.
  • As the biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon enjoys a huge amount of trust. You can benefit from this trust and from the loyalty many online shoppers have for Amazon.
  • The pricing model is transaction-based. This means you only have to pay a small amount of money for every order paid via Amazon Payments – there are no monthly fees or payments in advance.
  • Throughout the payment process your customers stay within your shop so you can offer them a seamless check-out.

How is Amazon Payments integrated in the shop?

After you completed the setup, the “Pay with Amazon” button is visible for your customers in the basket:

Amazon Payments for ePages

When the customer clicks on the button, the familiar Amazon Sign In page is opened.

Amazon Payments for ePages

The user can select a delivery address from one of the addresses they previously used for Amazon and choose one of the delivery methods available in your shop.

Amazon Payments for ePages

In the next step, the customer can choose a payment method from the methods they previously used for paying on Amazon – e.g. different credit cards.

Amazon Payments for ePagesFinally, there is an overview and they can confirm the order.

ePages and Amazon Payments

What are the prerequisites for setting up Amazon Payments?

To be able to setup Amazon Payments, your shop needs to run on version 6.17.45 or later of our software.

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