The ePages App Store: Everything for your e-commerce success

by Kristof Maletzke, 14.05.16

Marketing. SEO, product pictures or shipping: The ePages App Store provides you with the right apps for every occasion. Read in our article how you can add new features to your shop and increase the success of your e-commerce business.

When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone back in 2007, it took the world by storm. The main reasons for its success were not only the revolutionary hardware and the intuitive touch handling, but also the concept of Apples app store: Before the iPhone, most mobile phones were quite limited in terms of functions. But through the new App Store, users were able to get new features for their phones easily. Every user could download the apps they needed.

Since then, the concept of apps has become very popular in a lot of areas. With the ePages App Store, you can now benefit from useful apps for your online shop. This way, you can further extend the already huge feature range of your shop. It enables you to cater to the most different needs of your customers and lets you benefit from the latest trends in e-commerce and online marketing.

In the App Store you can see an overview of all available apps for your shop

In the App Store you can see an overview of all available apps for your shop

Apps for your online shop

In principle, the ePages App Store works like the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You select the right apps for your shop and quickly integrate new functions. Apps also offer you a lot of other useful tools – for instance for creating a beautiful logo for your shop.

How apps can make you more succesful

With the apps, the possibilities to improve your shop and increase your revenue are manifold.

Here are a few examples:

  • Clickworker: Convincing and search engine optimised product descriptions are an absolute must in e-commerce. The copywriters of Clickworker are seasoned pros and know exactly how to write persuasive product descriptions for you.
  • Act! Essentials: E-mail marketing enables you to contact your target group on a regular basis and convince them to buy more from your shop. With Act! Essentials, you can send out newsletters to your customers and manage all of your contacts.
  • Smartsupp: Would you like to answer support requests from customers directly in your shop? With Smartsupp, this becomes reality. After the simple set-up, your customers can see a chat window in your shop where they can contact you.
  • Pixelz: Have professional image editors improve your product pictures. The specialists from Pixelz can for instance remove the background of pictures, take care of colour corrections and can add shadows to products.
  • MarketGoo: Search engine optimisation (SEO) can greatly increase your shop’s traffic. MarketGoo helps you finding the right ways to improve the findability of your shop.
  • Ranking Coach: This app is not only very useful in terms of SEO, but offers you also a lot of other online marketing tools.
Each app from the App Store is described in detail.

Each app from the App Store is described in detail.

Why you should use apps for your online shop

  • More features = more possibilities: The apps allow completely new possibilities for setting up, managing and marketing your shop.
  • The app providers are specialists in their niche: Most of the companies who offer ePages apps are specialised in one particular area of e-commerce – for instance translation or customer support. This guarantees a high level of quality.
  • New apps are added constantly: The apps you can currently use in the App Store are only the beginning. We constantly add new apps and thus extend the range of functionality for your shop continously. In the future, you can for instance market your products on Pinterest with the Shopial app or optimise your shipping process with SendCloud.
  • You have the choice: In some cases, you can choose between several apps for one particular task. If you want to improve your product pictures, you can either use the services of Pixelz or Pixc. This way you can always find the right offer, depending on your needs.
  • Quality before quantity: We make sure that only quality apps can be found in our App Store. Each app is thoroughly tested by us.

 How to use the App Store

The App Store is only available in your shop’s administration area.

To open it, select Apps & Themes in the main navigation and then App Store.


Here you can see an overview of all available apps. Select an app to see more information about it. Click Open or Install to use the app. In some cases you are then directed to the app developer’s website where you can sign up for it.


The integration in your shop is different for each app. While some of the apps don’t require any integration, others are integrated deeply in your shop. In some cases you need to add a code snippet to your shop. This is very simple and is explained in this help article.

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