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Less than three months until the end of the most profitable time of year: holiday season. It’s high time to set course to success and prepare your online shop for the Christmas business. In Part one of our Christmas specials in the ePages blog we take a look in the things, you can already do now to be best prepared for the upcoming business.

If a potential customer is in the mood to buy, then your biggest challenge as a shop operator has already been eliminated. Because the customer trusts you and your shop, they are already digging into their pockets. Now is the time to draw their attention to accessories and supplementary products so that they purchase additional items. Rely on the cross-selling function of your ePages online shop to boost the average value of orders. Continue reading the ePages blog to learn how you can perfectly plan cross-selling and where you need to specify the required settings in your back office.


Make short work of slow sellers. Clear out your storeroom intelligently and use reduced prices to promote individual products. The “Reference price” function allows you to show your customers how much they can save. The ePages Blog will show you which settings you must specify.




Do you sell technical or other complex products in your shop? Then offer your clients additional services and give them the chance to have a look in the corresponding instruction manual during the ordering process. Your customers will thank you. The ePages blog shows you how to use one of the most useful but also least known features of the ePages shopping cart software.


“Less is more” can be a wise approach regarding romance and sales alike. One such example: “From prices”. They allow you to attract customers by means of the lowest price for a given product version. This is made possible by a function which made its debut in ePages 6.08: supplementary texts for product versions. The ePages blog will describe how to proceed.

Shopping portals have become a key source of information for online customers. Websites such as, Kelkoo, Pangora or Ciao allow customers to survey the marketplace and see who charges how much for the same product. Google’s free product-search technology, Google Base, prominently displays results in its list when you search for a product. Online merchants should exploit this opportunity to increase their sales.

Business customers with a valid Value-added tax identification number are entitled to pay without VAT in domestic Europe. But can these business customers be differentiated from normal consumers in the shop? Can gross or net prices be paid depending on the customer? With ePages 6, this is set up quickly and easily. We’ll show you how it works.*

Online merchants can position all their products at Google Base for free. An interface to Google Base in the ePages shop software facilitates a one-time exporting of products and updating them at regular intervals. In the next entry, you can read about how to publish your products at Google Base.*

76 different items of clothing in up to 7 colours, designs and sizes. With zippers, buttons or ties. In cotton, acrylic or corduroy. A dizzying prospect when you consider that shop visitors should ideally be only two clicks away from their desired product. We'll show you how to best structure your offer in the ePages online shop.




Price discounts on certain products, on all products for certain customer groups, on the entire shopping basket for all customers, for the purchase of two items instead of one, on products that exceed a certain shopping basket value – with ePages, your options for creating shopping attractions through discounts are more than versatile. We’ll tell you how to support them.