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The convenient and secure payment method, Amazon Payments, is now available for ePages powered online shops. It is an ideal measure to win repeat customers from the popular marketplace.
Shipping options and speed of delivery are two crucial aspects for conversion in your online store. There is nothing that customers like more than free delivery. However, what’s good for them does not mean it will be good for you as the merchant. It’s important to clearly inform your costumers about your shipping terms. This information should be displayed in a way that your visitors cannot miss it: perhaps in the header with a link to a separate page or in an info box. Read on to learn more about delivery, logistics and order processing.
The payment options you present to your customers are part of your offer. Displaying them on your home page and product pages is simple to do and very powerful, especially for first time customers. This means: if your customers, either existing or potential, do not find the proper payment methods to checkout, it is very likely that they will abandon your shop without purchasing.
Your shop software enables you to offer your customers a very wide range of delivery methods. But how do you make the right selection? And what else should you think about when it comes to delivering your products? In our interview, e-commerce expert Dietmar Hölscher of MCC Shop and offers some invaluable tips.
Online shopping is extremely popular. But customers react particularly sensitively on their way to the checkout if their preferred payment method is not available.
Amazon has created a commotion with their plans to let drones deliver goods. Unmanned aerial vehicles are only one of many innovations to improve online businesses’ logistics. Our project, Next in commerce, shows the most exciting trends in the Future of Logistics.
After the 31st of December 2013, the ClickandBuy payment method will no longer be available in the ePages software. Below we will explain who is affected by this change and what will need to be done.
On the 20th November 2013 Google will close their payment method “Checkout”. If you are offering this service in your ePages online shop, you must adapt to this change. Here we explain what to do.
One payment provider, 80 payment methods: With Ogone, we have added yet another secure Internet payment system to your ePages online shop. Once your provider updates you to ePages version 6.14, you can integrate the service into your shop and offer it to your customers. Find out more about Ogone below– and how to make the necessary changes to your settings.
If you use PayPal as a payment method in your shop, you may have been experiencing some problems lately. To find out how you can solve them, read our article below.