Author: Kristof Maletzke
ist Communications Manager bei ePages.

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Do you use Google Analytics to gather statistics on the ways in which your shop is being used? Then it’s time to get busy and move over to the latest standard: Universal Analytics.
With the help of a mega menu, visitors to your shop can find what they are looking for quickly and easily – even if your shop includes lots of categories and sub-pages.
By using the e-mail events function within your online shop you can automatically have emails sent, on specified occasions, to either you or your customers. In this article we explain the different ways in which this can be of benefit.
Small add-on applications known as “apps” make it easy to incorporate videos, maps and Facebook buttons into your ePages shop.  
Product ratings and reviews play a vital role in e-commerce. In our article, we explain why ratings can boost your revenue and how to let your customers have their say in your shop.
For online merchants, a good search function is essential. When customers visit your shop, the first thing many of them do is enter a search term rather than clicking through categories or following links.
On the 21st of April, Google is changing its algorithm for the mobile search. In our article, you’ll find out why this update will have major consequences and what it means for ePages shops.
The do-it-yourself trend continues and you too can profit from it in your shop. Customisable products enable your customers to adapt products themselves and create anything from T-shirts to mugs with their own designs.
By offering coupons you give your customers an attractive incentive to place an order in your shop - or to order more than they planned to.
New VAT regulations for digital products and services will apply throughout the EU from 1 January 2015. After introducing you to the change to the law in the previous article , we will now show you how to apply the changes to your shop with ePages version 6.17. Instructions for earlier ePages versions can be found here.