Prepare for winter sales during the quiet summer period

by Kristof Maletzke, 27.07.20

For online retailers, summer tends to be a quiet period – customers are usually thinking about everything else other than spending their time on the Internet. However, September is approaching fast and with it, many seasonal promotions will pop up throughout the last quarter of the year: back-to-school, Halloween and Christmas, for example. So instead of trying hard to maintain your sales and invest all your efforts in summer promotions, benefit from the slow August to look ahead, review your shop and plan for the upcoming seasons. Here are a couple of things you can do to get yourself prepared for the last and most intense shopping quarter of the year:

Analyse and compare your competitors

Analysing your competitors is always a good idea to find ways to improve your business. If you have ever done that, you have probably realised that it requires time and planning – time that you normally don’t have during the other seasons. In saying that, August is a great quiet month to analyse what others are doing, use that analysis to compare to what you are doing and what you could be doing, and finally look at how to bring your shop back up-to-date with current design trends and content.

To help you out, we have collected a list of things that could be interesting for you to check:

  • Identify your competitors: one easy way to find other business that are similar to yours is using the formula “” in Google. This way, Google will show you all related results that match with your main keywords. You can search for your products in Google or any other marketplace like Amazon to find out who are selling the same items as you and how.
  • Once you have identified your competition, it is time to identify similarities and differences: Prices, delivery options, website design, marketing tools (blog, social media, newsletter subscription, etc.) and web content, etc.
  • After finding out what’s similar and what’s different, define what you like from them, what you want to implement in your shop and how to put all of it in place.

Review your shop’s SEO

Use Google Analytics and your shop’s statistics to have a look at last months’ data and review how your shop’s development was. Were there product pages that had most of the traffic but didn’t generate sales? If there was a significant number of visitors but no conversion, it could be either due to the price, to the delivery costs or to a lack of enough product info in the descriptions. To find out what is missing, ask a friend or a relative to purchase that product and go through the whole purchase process. Do they have all the information they need to make a decision to buy? Their feedback will give you an idea on what your customers are expecting when looking to make a purchase in your shop.

Update your product pages

When was the last time you checked and reviewed your product pictures and descriptions? Updating the content of your shop will not only help to improve its SEO but also provide customers a fresh first look when visiting your shop.

Increase your shop expertise and learn now what you didn’t have time to learn before

Ecommerce is a really huge industry: even when you feel that you’ve been working in ecommerce for ages and that you have a good knowledge about this topic, there is always something more to be learnt to help with your online shop. Take advantage of our help center and enjoy the sunny afternoons while watching and learning more about your ePages shop.

Try new business challenges

Is there anything you would like to try that you haven’t done yet due to lack of time or resources? Perhaps selling on Amazon or creating your business a Facebook page? Make the most of the low activity of the summer months to feel creative and try new things.

Test new apps

In the ePages App Store you can find a huge variety of apps that can support you in most areas of your shop. There are chat apps for customer support, tools for email marketing as well as offers for creating new texts for your shops – and these are just some examples. During the summer months you can test new apps and find out which of them are creating the biggest value for your shop. Many apps also offer a free test period.

Update your shop design

Probably there is no better time to update the design of your shop. If you just want to make small changes you can for instance change the colours of the shop or add new elements to your start page – such as a content slider or a video. You would like to use an individual shop design, created just for you? Then the ePages Design Services can help you.

Even if summertime is usually lower for ecommerce sales, you can always take advantage of that situation and work on the maintenance of your shop and business.

Good luck and enjoy your summer!

This article has been updated in July 2020.

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