5 of the best apps for ePages Now

by Kristof Maletzke, 25.05.19

In the ePages App Store merchants can find a wide variety of apps that cater to different needs. By installing an app, merchants can extend the functionality of their shop with useful features that give them new possibilities to increase their revenues. In this article, we feature 5 of the best apps available for ePages Now.

Chatting with the Smartsupp app

Chatting with the Smartsupp app

Chat with your shop’s visitors via Smartsupp

One of the biggest advantages of smaller online shops is the personal contact that merchants can establish with their customers. While communication with big players like Amazon is rather anonymous, owners of small shops can engage with their visitors on a very personal level. A chat box in your shop is the perfect way to establish a friendly connection with your customers and to show that you are there to help.

To embed a chat in your shop, you can install the app Smartsupp. This way, when a customer has a question – for instance about a specific product or about delivery options – you can answer it right away.

Smartsupp is highly customisable. You can change the colours of the chat, the texts that appear in the chat window and much more. You can also upload an image of yourself or your colleagues who are available in the chat. In times of chat bots this immediately makes clear to your customers that there are real people answering them. When you are not available for a conversation, the Smartsupp chat window turns into a contact form. Smartsupp’s app for your Android phone or iPhone makes it easy and comfortable to communicate with visitors even when you are not at your computer.

Form Builder offers countless options

Form Builder offers countless options

Contact forms with Form Builder

With the free Form Builder app from POWr, you can insert forms on the pages of your ePages Now online shop. The app offers countless options for creating the perfect form. Their design can be individually adapted to the design of your shop – for example by changing colours and fonts. The forms can also be easily used for purposes that go beyond simple contact. For example, you can create a survey and ask your visitors for feedback about your shop. Or, you can add a returns form to make it easier for your customers to return products.

Forms created with POWr are compatible with all design themes and are perfectly displayed on all devices. You can choose from 20 different types of form fields, such as a drop down menu, checkboxes or an input field for a phone number. If you wish, a captcha can be displayed to avoid spam mails. Especially clever: forms can have a logic. Depending on which answers a customer has chosen, additional form fields are displayed or hidden.

Shore app in ePages Now

A customer profile in the Shore app

Keep track of your customers with Shore

Your customers are your capital. The more satisfied they are, the more likely they will pay your shop a second visit or even become regular customers. The Shore app helps you manage your customers. You can use it to create a more extensive customer directory than the default directory offered by your ePages shop. The app connects to your shop and then both customer data and orders are automatically synchronised with Shore.

A separate profile is created in Shore for each of the customers. You can then edit these profiles, add further data or view orders. In addition, there are other powerful features such as an appointment booking system for companies that offer their customers appointments.

With Clever Ad Words you can get to the top of Google search results in no time

With Clever Ad Words you can get to the top of Google search results in no time

Ads made easy with Clever Google Ads

To make your shop appear at the top of Google search results, you should optimise it for search engines. Keep in mind, however, that it can take a while until this optimisation – also called SEO – bears fruit. There is one way to get right to the top without SEO: Google Ads. You can book ads for certain keywords, which then appear above the search results. So, if you sell racing bikes, simply create a Google Ad for this keyword and some users will see it at the top when they search for bikes of this kind. In most cases, you are billed only for specific interactions of your customers, such as someone clicking on the ad to visit your shop.

Getting started with Google Ads can be a bit confusing, especially for beginners. There are many complex settings and to get the most out of Google Ads you must consider many different factors.

The app Clever Google Ads simplifies these processes by quickly creating successful campaigns for you. Your shop will be analysed – among other things the products or the categories. From this, ads are automatically generated. Once these have been placed, Clever Google Ads analyses the results and then optimises the keywords. The app takes Google’s requirements into account, so even absolute beginners can successfully advertise on Google. In addition, you can also place ads on other channels such as Google Shopping or YouTube.

Orders in the Shippo backend

Orders in the Shippo backend

Shippo and Sendcloud: Delivery options from a single source

To create shipping methods, ePages merchants often utilise the native integrations to delivery companies that already exist in the software. Apps such as Shippo and Sendcloud offer more flexibility by acting as an intermediary between merchants and the delivery companies, so that shop owners are not restricted to work with certain ones of these companies. Instead, the merchant has only one contract with the app provider and is even able to save money in the process.

When you install one of these apps, all the orders that arrive in your shop are transferred to the app provider. You can then handle them at the provider’s website where you also can print shipping labels. Processes can be automated, and you are able to create a branded portal where customers can take care of returning goods they ordered. It is also possible to create your own tracking mails and offer a tracking page for your customers.

Please note: Some of the features mentioned in this article are only included in the paid plans of the respective apps.

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