Amazon Pay for UK merchants: Enjoy 3 months without fees

by Kristof Maletzke, 07.03.19

With Amazon Pay, the customers of your online shop can pay with their existing Amazon account. Now Amazon has launched a spring promotion for merchants based in the United Kingdom that allows them to pay no fees for three months.

Sometimes, online shop visitors add items to their shopping cart, but don’t end up completing the order. One of the reasons for this is the absence of a convenient payment option in the ordering process. This is where Amazon Pay comes into play. The ecommerce giant offers a popular payment method that ePages merchants can add to their shop. If a customer then wants to order something from you, he can select Amazon Pay as the payment method in the ordering process. This allows him to log into his existing Amazon account and pay. He therefore does not have to remember any additional usernames and passwords and can simply select the payment data and address information stored at Amazon.

Payment via Amazon Pay takes place directly in the ePages shop. Instead of additional browser windows opening during payment and the customer being redirected to another website, he can pay with Amazon Pay without leaving your shop. This gives the customer a consistent brand experience.

Save 3 months on Amazon Pay fees

The spring promotion is aimed at all ePages merchants from the UK who do not yet offer Amazon Pay in their shop. To participate, register via this link and then set up Amazon Pay as a payment method in your shop.

The deadline is 26 March. If you have registered by this date and have completed the first transaction through Amazon Pay, you will not be charged from April 1st to June 30th. You will find the other conditions for the promotion on the registration page.

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