New features of ePages Now: text on images, customer area and more

by Kristof Maletzke, 28.01.19

Over the past two months, we have added many new features to our ePages Now shop software to further enhance both your work with the shop and the user experience of your customers. In this article we introduce the most interesting news to you.

Headline, text and button on a large image

Text and buttons on images

In the administration area, you can manage all pages of your shop under the menu item Content. Here, you also have the possibility to add images. You can now display texts on these images without having to insert them directly into the image file. For example, you can embed a large-format image on the start page of your shop and display a heading and a text on it. Both are recognised by search engines, and can thus bring you advantages regarding the search engine optimisation of your shop. You can also display buttons on images. These are sometimes also called “call-to-action”. Button texts like “Shop now” are typical examples for this, but there are no limits to your imagination. After adding text and button, you can take care of all the colour settings. By using a colour overlay, you can make the text more visible with one click. Our default settings make sure that all adaptations fit to the design theme you chose and are displayed perfectly on all kinds of devices.

Adding text and buttons to images is easy: Open the editor by selecting Content in the administration area. Move the mouse pointer over an image and select the pencil icon. When you now select the letter symbol, you can add texts and make further changes. After that, you can select the colour symbol to take care of the colour settings.

Editing addresses in the customer area

The new customer area

To buy something in your online shop should be as comfortable as possible for your visitors. Even after the web shop visitor has become a buyer, you can still increase customer engagement with extra services. Existing customers now have the opportunity to log into the new customer area in your shop by selecting an icon in the top right corner of your shop. There, they can receive all the relevant information about their purchase and manage their settings. Customers can view their orders (including order status), edit stored invoice and delivery addresses and change master data such as email address and password.

Managing a variation product

Detail pages for variations in the administration area

Many ePages merchants sell variation products in their shops – for example, shoes that can be ordered in different sizes. Editing the individual variations is now even easier than before. After you have made the basic settings for the products with the variation assistant, you can now edit each individual variation on its own page. There you have all the setting options at your disposal, which you also have for the main product. For example, you can add own images to the variation product, change the price, or specify the stock level.

Email events with legal attachment selections

Attach legal documents to emails

You regulate the communication with your customers with the email events of your shop software. This is how you manage which mails should be sent to your customers and where you take care of further settings for them. For certain events, it may be advisable to attach legal documents to emails – for example, your general terms and conditions or information on the right of withdrawal. You can now determine in the administration area for each individual email event whether and which documents should be attached to the emails as PDF files. These documents are generated directly from the texts of the legal pages of your shop. For example, if you change your terms and conditions in the editor, these changes are also taken into account in the email attachments. You do not have to maintain them separately.

To attach legal documents to emails, choose Settings and then Email events in the administration area of your shop. Under Attachment of legal documents, you determine which mails should include attachments.

App selection in the administration area

App selection in the administration area

With several apps at their disposal, ePages merchants can expand their shop and use various services – from newsletter systems and professional legal texts to shipping solutions. Previously, these apps could only be found in the administration area via the App store and not where merchants might need them. This is now changing: Everywhere where an app could help, there is now a notification at the top of the page. So when you’re working on your delivery methods, you’ll immediately see what additional delivery services you can get from the App store. This new feature is currently being introduced at our distribution partners.

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