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by Kristof Maletzke, 07.08.18

Do you run an online shop of the version ePages Base? Then you should consider changing your privacy policy now.

This article is only for merchants of the shop version ePages Base. To display your version, choose Help in the administration area of your shop in the main menu. The version is displayed at the bottom of the page (ePages Base or ePages Now).

40 years after the first spam email in the history of the Internet, spam is still a problem. However, there are now effective means of combating spam that greatly reduce the flood of unsolicited advertising e-mails.

With the forms in your shop – for example the contact form – there will be an innovation: They will be protected against spam by so-called reCaptchas.

Perhaps you have already encountered this technology on the web. For example, sometimes you have to confirm that you are not a robot before sending a form. This method is very effective and in most cases not particularly disturbing for the user.

Due to the use of reCaptchas in your shop please consider adjusting your privacy policy and informing your users that this technology is used in your shop. Based on Article 6 (1) f. GDPR there is a legitimate interest in applying reCaptcha for data processing in the shop as to ensure perfect functioning of the website and to maintain a high security level while protecting against automated entries.

This article contains initial legal pointers but makes no claims in respect to completeness and accuracy. It can under no circumstances serve to replace legal advice on an individual case.

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