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by Kristof Maletzke, 24.01.18

An own domain is standard for online shops. In this article, customers of can learn how to link their shop to a domain.

These instructions are only valid for merchants who booked their shop directly with ePages.

What is a domain?

A domain is the address under which a website can be found – for example

Domains always have a so called top-level domain. In the example above, “” is the top-level domain. There are many different top-level domains available for your shop.

Domains and ePages shops

Your online shop already has a free system domain containing your shop alias – for example However, we strongly recommend that you use your own domain for your shop, such as This is expected by customers today and it also has great advantages in terms of search engine optimization of your shop.

To use your own domain, you must first book a shop at ePages. Then you can either have an existing domain from another provider refer to your shop or book a domain through ePages. Instructions for both options can be found below.

For trial shops it is not possible to use an own domain. Therefore the options below are not available for trial shops.

Option 1: You already own a domain with another provider

1. Log in to the customer area of the provider where you have booked the domain.

2. Edit the so-called A-Record for the domain. This tells the provider that he should forward all visitors of this domain to your shop. The A-record must refer to the IP address How exactly you set the A-Record depends on the provider from whom you have booked the domain. Please contact the support of your provider or google “A-Record [Name of your provider]” to find instructions if necessary. If there is already an AAAA record then please delete it.

3. If you have set the A-Record at the provider, you must still enter the domain in the customer area of your ePages shop. Log in to the customer area.

4. In the main menu at the left side, select Domains & E-Mails.

5. Select Pointed Domain.

6. In the form behind http:// enter your domain – for instance

7. Select Point Domain.

8. If forwarding has been successfully set up, you will see a success message. Please note that this change may take a while – in some cases up to 24 hours.

Option 2: You do not have a domain yet

1. Log in to the customer area of your shop.

2. In the main menu at the left side, select Domains & E-Mails.

3. Select the button Buy new Domain.

4. On this page you can check the availability of the domain you would like to use. Enter in the form field for instance „your-shop“ and select the desired top-level domain after that – for instance “”.

5. Select Check Availability.

6. Now you can see if this domain is still available and at which price. If you found a domain you like, select Next Step.

7. Depending on which top-level domain you have chosen, you have to enter further information here. For domains, you have to select for instance your legal type.

8. Select Next Step. Here you can see an overview of your order. On the right side you can see the costs of the domain registration. Please check all information on this page.

9. Under Domain Registrant Information, select whether the contact data you are using should be used as the domain registrant. Otherwise, add a new contact by selecting Use Default Contact (Details Above) and then selecting Add New Contact.

10. With the checkbox at the bottom, confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service.

11. Select Complete Order.

12. Within 24 hours, in addition to a confirmation from ePages, you will receive an e-mail from the registrar office with which you confirm your registration.

It may take several hours for the registration to be complete and you can link your shop to the domain.

13. Then select in the main menu at the left side Domains & E-Mails.

14. At the bottom under You can change your shop domain to one of the following: select the new domain and save if necessary.

Domain registration only works if your address data is correct and complete. You can change the address data in the customer area by first selecting your name and then Edit Account Details.

The transfer of an existing domain to ePages is currently not possible

Tips on choosing the right domain for your shop can be found in our blog article Finding the best domain for your online shop.

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