5 apps to boost the Christmas revenues of your online shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 29.11.17

For many online merchants, the last weeks of the year mean the strongest sales. But wouldn’t it be great to boost your Christmas sales even further, without having to put a lot of work into it? In this article, we present you 5 apps from the ePages App Store that can be easily setup and used to give your Christmas business the finishing touch.


Your customer base can be a gold mine… Do you already make the most of it ? Christmas is a great opportunity to get in touch with your customers! Let them know that they can find a special gift for a friend in your shop, wish them a happy New Year or offer them a Christmas coupon.

With CleverReach you can easily create, design and send the best email campaigns. In a few steps, using a user-friendly cockpit and one of the templates – also seasonal templates are available –  you can create a professional and beautiful email for your customers. In addition, you will be able to track your campaign performance thanks to the complete reports in real time: opening rates, social sharing and much more!

But the best gift is for you… CleverReach is free! Using the free plan you can reach 250 recipients and send 1.000 emails per month.


Sales Analytics App

One of the main drivers of increasing your revenues in the Christmas season is deep knowledge about your customers, products and orders.

Among the most interesting questions are:

  • Which of your products are the best-selling ones this December?
  • How much revenue does a specific product bring?
  • What is the average revenue per order?
  • How many of your customers placed orders repeatedly?

The free Sales Analytics App by ePages lets you find out exactly that – and much more! The app provides you with insights on your customers and their behaviour as well as the performance of your products.

The possibilities for using this data to your benefit is huge. Here are some ideas:

  • When you find out which of your products are ordered the most, you can promote them on your shop’s home page.
  • You can directly target the customers who spent the most money in your shop with an email marketing campaign and reward them with a special coupon.
  • You can use the analytics data to boost your sales in next year’s Christmas period – for instance by offering the most popular products of 2017 for a reduced price on Black Friday 2018.

The Sales Analytics App for ePages


Sometimes, visitors of your shop are hesitating to buy from you. This could happen, for instance, when they are unsure if the product is the right one or when they need more information on payment or shipping. To convert these visitors to customers, the Smartsupp app is the perfect solution. It allows you to add a chat window to your shop. In case a customer has a question or needs any kind of assistance, he or she can contact you via the chat and gets quick answers. You are not always in your office? No problem – you can answer customer questions also via your smartphone. That way, you not only erase your visitor’s doubts, but also present yourself as a friendly online merchant that is always available to answer the customer’s questions.

Smartsupp for ePages


At Christmas, you should create the right shopping mood. This includes using appealing texts such as product descriptions. More than ever, in the run up to Christmas, you should make it clear to your customers why your products are perfect gift ideas. If you would like to refresh your shop’s text but do not have the time or talent to write them yourself, the Clickworker app will help. The professional copywriters of Clickworker create attractive texts for you that are tailored to the target groups of your shop and meet all requirements for search engine optimization. Do you sell internationally? Then you can use Clickworker also to get professional translations of your shop’s texts.


With good product photos, you can leave a lasting impression with your customers. Are the pictures in your shop not perfect? Then you can quickly improve this thanks to the Pixelz app. Pixelz specializes in post-processing images. For example, the professionals at Pixelz remove the background from product photos, take care of color corrections or add shadows. This will give your product photos a new quality – and even with average source pictures great results can be achieved. By connecting Pixelz to your online shop, images can be conveniently transferred to Pixelz and back

The apps mentioned in this article can be found in the ePages App Store in the shop’s administration area. Please note that the availability of apps in the App Stores depends on providers and the software version in use. 

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