ePages and Sage One: accounting made easy

by Kristof Maletzke, 03.11.16

Would you like to run your online shop more efficiently? Then we have good news for you: From now on, you can synchronise the data between your ePages shop and the powerful Sage One accounting solution automatically.

Many merchants are always looking for front office success. But back office tasks like accounting also play a very important role for your business. By optimising your back office efforts you can effectively strengthen your business. Would it not be great if you could spend less time with accounting tasks and more time with getting your business forward? Then you should try out Sage One.

It is an easy to use accounting and payroll software, tailored to the needs of small businesses. With Sage One, you can generate invoices and have a look at overdue balances. Detailed reports give you insights into the figures of your shop while real-time cashflow forecasts can give you a glimpse of the future. You can even connect Sage One to your bank and let the software track which invoices have been paid.

ePages merchants who rely on Sage One for their accounting can benefit from many advantages:

  • Direct integration within your ePages shop: All of the orders you receive are seamlessly synchronised with Sage One – no need to enter them manually any more.
  • Remote access from any device: You can use your computer, phone or tablet.
  • Up to date compliance with regulations: Sage One is always keeping tabs on the latest legal aspects of your business.
  • Easy collaboration with an accountant: You and your team can work together with your accountant in real time.
  • Great ease of use: You do not need any prior knowledge to use Sage One.
  • Outstanding support: Sage One offers support via phone (24 hours a day), email and chat.
  • Convenient cloud solution: As ePages, Sage One is running in the cloud – you do not need to install software on your computer and can access the tool from your web browser.

All you need to do is establishing the connection between Sage One and your shop by entering your credentials and then authorising access.

You can see how it works in our video:

In the first phase, UK merchants can enjoy the benefits of this greater digitalisation and efficiency. More countries will follow in the coming months.

You are a Sage One customer but do not own an ePages shop yet? Then we have a special offer for you. By signing up on www.epages.co.uk/sage you can save money by using one of our coupon codes.

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