Chat support: How to make your customers happy

by Kristof Maletzke, 07.10.16

Offering a live chat in your shop is an easy way for your customers to get in touch with you. But there are some standards you should keep in mind for this type of communication.

Maybe you already offer your customers a variety of channels through which they can contact you: for instance, email, phone and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. With a live chat, you can quickly and easily add additional contact possibilities. Customers can ask a question in the chat at any time. Their requests are then answered by you or your team. Through a corresponding smartphone app, you can even respond to your customers on the go. And if you are not available for a while, you will receive an email with their questions.

Embedding a chat in your shop is very easy. You just need one of the ePages apps like Smartsupp. Each of the apps has a variety of settings and features to make the chatting experience as pleasant as possible for you and your customers.

We have put together some important points for you to ensure that the chat communication with your customers will run as smoothly as possible.

The perfect start

Each chat should start with a friendly beginning. It is very helpful to directly state your name. This establishes a more personal mood at the beginning of the conversation.

Always be friendly

This point should be obvious: Show your best and friendliest side. Give your customers the feeling that they are taken seriously and are appreciated.

Avoid humour and irony

Be cautious regarding humorous answers. Maybe your customer does not get your puns and funny remarks. This is especially the case for irony: Since your customer does not know you and your humour (and also due to the lack of facial expressions and intonation), it is sometimes very difficult to recognise irony in a chat.

Customer support via chat

With the right app, you can answer the questions of your customers from your phone

Use simple language

At the start of a chat, you do not know anything about the language skills and knowledge of your customer. Maybe he is not a native speaker or has other kinds of difficulties with understanding you. The key to solve this is simple: avoid to use technical terms, abbreviations and long sentences.

Clear business hours

Your customers should be able to rely on you. Therefore, it makes sense that you are always available for a chat at the same hours. Ideally, these hours are similar to the conventional business hours.

Carefully considered answers

Take the time to understand the issues and needs of your customers and respond accordingly. If you are not sure what your customer wants, do not hesitate to ask him again.

Coupons as an incentive

Are you currently running a coupon campaign in your shop? Then you should consider mentioning this to the customers you are chatting with. This can be an additional trigger to make them buy something. However, be careful not to be too promotional – otherwise the customer could perceive this negatively.

Say goodbye

The chat should end on a very friendly note. An example for a suitable goodbye message: “I wish you a nice day. Please let me know if any other questions come up in the future.”

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