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by Kristof Maletzke, 14.09.16

Good content in your online shop is essential to convey the benefits of your shop to the customers. You believe that your writing skills are not good enough? No problem – with greatcontent any merchant can order unique texts for his online shop.

Out of all the applications in our App Store, greatcontent is probably the one with the most fitting name. It is an online platform for content creation that connects you to an expansive pool of professional freelance writers and translators. Instead of having to write all the texts for your shop yourself, you can outsource this via the greatcontent app.

With this application you can create all kinds of content that promotes you as a seller. Here are some examples:

  • Product descriptions
  • SEO optimised texts
  • Texts for your start page
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Texts about delivery or shipment
  • Newsletters
  • Blog articles

Using the greatcontent app is very easy. Once you have registered, you only have to select the text type, quality and some other settings in an online form. Depending on the topic and your requirements, greatcontent assigns an author to your tasks. The costs for copy editing start at €0,025 euros per word. You can easily get in touch with the authors if any questions come up. Besides copy writing, greatcontent also offers proofreading and translation services.

Texts optimised for search engines

One important aspect of content is SEO: Your texts should be optimised for search engines and should contain the right keywords. The writers of greatcontent know exactly what they are doing in terms of SEO. They take the rules of search engine optimisation into account when creating your content. Keyword usage is flexible: you decide if plural forms, alternate endings, and synonyms should be used in your texts. This way you can be sure that the text reflects your wishes.

Unique content is key

You should always make sure that your shop’s content is unique – meaning it has not been published elsewhere on the web before. Google and other search engines regard this as a sign of quality. And of course it makes sense to use texts specifically written for your target group.

With greatcontent you can always be sure that your content is unique. The platform utilises an automated three-step plagiarism check to make absolutely sure your text is unique online copy. Texts are also cross-checked with the internal database of greatcontent to make sure that writers continuously produce original work.

The in-house editorial team – consisting of experienced proofreaders and editors – take care of quality control during the production process. There is a strict selection process for new writers. First they have to submit a sample text and after that their work is assessed continuously. This guarantees the quality of the texts.

Everything for your content internationalisation

Selling abroad is one of the biggest opportunities to grow your shop. greatcontent also helps with this by offering translation services for many languages. Among the available languages are English (British, American or International), Dutch, French, German, Italian and many more.

To use greatcontent, please visit the ePages App Store in your shop’s administration area. Select Apps & Themes and then App Store. greatcontent needs to be available in the shop package you chose at your provider.

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