SEO for your online shop: The title tag

by Kristof Maletzke, 28.06.16

In our new series on search engine optimisation (SEO) for your online shop, we present you the most important tips and tricks you should consider in order to improve your search engine rankings. In this article, we show you what a title tag is and how to use it for your SEO.

For each subpage of your online shop, you can define a so-called title tag. It is used for various occasions. For instance, it is displayed in the tab bar of the browser, if someone is visiting the page:


In the search results pages of Google and other search engines, the title tag is most often used as the main link to the website:

SEO: the title tag

That is why it the title is important for the so called click-through-rate – the number of search engine users who see a link to your shop on a search engine result page and then click on it. The more attractive and relevant the title is to the user, the more often it gets clicked.

But most importantly, the title tag plays a relevant role in the ranking of search results. If the title contains a certain keyword, this improves your chances of getting a better ranking for this keyword.

How are title tags handled in my online shop?

The ePages software automatically determines a title tag for every page. On product pages for instance, the title is automatically filled with the product name followed by the shop name:

<title>PRODUCT NAME – SHOP NAME</title>

This way every product page has a unique title tag, so that the shop can be found using many different search terms.

You can also modify the title to optimise it in terms of SEO. This can be done for static pages (e.g. your page on delivery), category pages and of course for your product pages. To edit the title of a page, open it in your shop’s administration area and enter a new title under Page title.

Use the SEO Cockpit to optimise your title tags

The SEO Cockpit of your ePages shop is a powerful tool which assists you with all things SEO. You can access it in the administration area under Marketing >> Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). On the right side you can see a list of your shop’s subpages. Click on one of the pages to get more information about it and to see a preview of the search result page:


Tips and tricks for your title tags

  • The title tag should always contain the most important keyword(s) for this page.
  • Every page should have a unique title tag.
  • The title should always be consistent with the content. Do not use keywords in the title, which are not relevant for this particular subpage of your shop.
  • If the title is longer than about 55 characters, it might get shortened (“…”) on the search result page.
  • You should place the most important keywords at the beginning of the title. This might improve your ranking, and is also helpful for your click-through-rate.
  • Every title should look natural. You should avoid spammy looking titles like this: “Football shirt 2016 red S-XL Soccer Footie Jersey World Cup European Championship”

If you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to improve your SEO quickly!

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