We’ve broken a World Record - 50 hours of online marketing and e-commerce

by Kristof Maletzke, 19.05.16

Last weekend we had the opportunity to be part of the World Quondos Record: the longest online marketing and e-commerce event ever, held in Alicante, Spain. What a weekend it was! During 50 nonstop hours, more than 80 speakers went on stage to share tips, business ideas, life experiences as well as many tools and concepts.

That was crazy: 50 hours with more than 80 speakers in just three days is all that was needed to host the longest online marketing event ever live-streamed. During these three days, experts, e-commerce professionals and passionate marketers got together to share what we do and how we do it. The record was achieved, thanks to the number of hours and speakers.

Speaker Nando Olcina, from elabogadodigital.com

Speaker Nando Olcina, from www.elabogadodigital.com

If we were to mention some of the presentations, we would mention… all of them. Everyone who was part of the event, both attending and watching from home, had the chance to enjoy high level presentations as well as enriching and useful ideas. From presentations based on how to start selling online, through techniques or tools to manage different areas of your business, to copywriting tips to advice on captivating your clients and placing your business in media titles.

We also were part of the speaker’s crew! During our presentation, our PR manager Andrea del Campo spoke about the strong competitive advantage that you all, the online merchants, have in the social, local and mobile fields of e-commerce to stand out from the big players and succeed. Based on the analogy “David against Goliath”, she explained that the strategy of an online merchant, the small David, cannot be based on a one-on-one competition. But by enhancing the unique aspects that every business has, David can stand out from the big players, the great Goliaths, and be successful.

Andrea del Campo, PR manager at ePages, talked about business opportunities for small businesses

Andrea del Campo, PR manager at ePages, talked about business opportunities for small businesses

She emphasised that it is essential to have a social presence that meets the clients’ needs: to communicate and interact with them, but not to use social media channels as just another channel for selling products. Also, having a local presence (with your own local store or with a local net of distribution) can help build trust and a closer relation with the consumer. Finally, due to the high mobile phone usage among Spanish consumers, we explained that it is essential to offer a complete shopping experience for mobile devices.

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