Design improvements in the new ePages Version 6.16

by Kristof Maletzke, 26.11.13

A more attractive design enables you to sell more. The new version of our software contains an abundance of new options which make your online shop even more attractive. In this article we will introduce the most important options.

Benefit from many design improvements, such as more design options, larger product images and new design templates, when your provider installs the new ePages Version 6.16 in the coming weeks.You can also read our blog article on the most important changes and the smaller enhancements of Version 6.16.



Larger images on the product pages

Large photos are well received by customers and help them to make a purchase. The images on the product pages are now 500 x 500 pixels instead of the previous 200 x 200 pixels. This improvement has already been implemented by some providers.

Note: The larger product images are only shown when one of the new layouts for the product page is used.



Ten new design templates

Ten new modern design templates are now available. These reflect current design trends.



“Left” and “Right” page areas only on the home page

You can choose to display the “Left” and “Right” page areas on the home page only. These areas are then hidden on other pages. This increases the flexibility of your home page design.



New standard layout for product categories

It is now possible to display your product categories using the new “Four columns” layout. New online shops now display product lists in this new standard layout.



New page area above header

Until recently, your online shop was divided into seven page areas. In the new area above the page area “header”, there are standard links to log in and access a customer’s user account.



Modern pagination design

Customers can navigate multi-page content thanks to the page numbers, otherwise known as the pagination. The pagination design has now been modernised.



Setup assistant: Header image no longer necessary

Templates without a header image can now be selected from the setup assistant. This easily opens the way to modern designs, which frequently come without a header image.



Unobtrusive redesign of product pages, lists and tables

The presentation of price, basket, product description and index cards on the product pages, as well as how lists and tables are displayed on all pages, have been visually revamped.


Note: The design changes to the product page only take effect in online shops which use one of the new design templates.


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