New features for your online shop: ePages 6.16 available soon

by Kristof Maletzke, 25.11.13

Your ePages online shop will soon have many new features ready for you to use. Here is an overview of the most important improvements in our ePages Version 6.16.

Our providers will be installing the new ePages Version 6.16 within the next weeks. You will soon be able to benefit from the many changes and new functions which will help you to sell even more successfully.

Some of the most important improvements simply make your online shop more attractive and appealing – you don’t need to do anything. Other changes, potentially, will need your input. We will go into more detail in future blog entries and also introduce you to the many small enhancements in Version 6.16.


The most important changes


The mega menu for easy navigation

The more categories and sub-pages your website has, the more complex and confusing your navigation becomes. This problem is now a thing of the past thanks to the new mega menu.  The mega menu displays your categories as a big overview – this helps your customers to find what they are looking for faster.



More than 50 new fonts

Now, you are no longer restricted to standard fonts like Arial or Tahoma: Version 6.16 offers a choice of over 50 new fonts for your shop. Thanks to web font technology, these fonts are displayed for every user – even if the relevant font has not been installed on their computer.



Pixel-perfect alignment of page elements

Page elements such as the logo, search field or the link to the basket can now be simultaneously left or right aligned within a page area. They can also be moved with pixel precision to your desired location.


More control over the design of the new order process

You can now edit the design of the order process (in individual steps) and, for example, specify the font and background colours of the navigation list. You can also choose to display the shop background during the order process.


Products only available for a limited period of time

Each product can be set to only be available up to a particular date.


Preview of the mobile shop version

You can preview the shops optimised mobile version at any time, without having to open the shop on your smartphone.


What you should bear in mind as a merchant

  • The new version contains a series of design improvements and ten new design templates. The design changes to the product detail page only take effect in online shops which use one of the new templates.

  • When you use the column-based category view (e.g. “three columns”), customers are now shown larger images. The images are also larger on the product pages.

  • In February 2014, the new SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) regulations will come into effect. Among other things, these state that shop customers must enter an IBAN and BIC number when paying by direct debit instead of the conventional account number and sort code. In preparation for this, customers can now also enter their IBAN and BIC numbers in your online shop where ever account details must be entered.

  • Our shop software offers different layout options for your products. We are gradually phasing out outdated options which no longer fulfil the demands of an up-to-date online shop. If you have been using one of these outdated layout options in your shop, this will change over to the current option when updated to ePages 6.16. You can undo this manually but we will no longer support the old options in the future.

  • Elements for your website such as maps or YouTube videos were, until recently, listed under the keyword “Gadgets” in the administration area. This keyword has been renamed “Apps”.


Where to get more information

In two other blog articles we go in detail with even more new features and improvements of our software:

More improvements in the new ePages Version 6.16

Design improvements in the new ePages Version 6.16

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