Google shuts down “Checkout”: What to do now

by Hermann Bach, 22.07.13

Payment Google checkout endsOn the 20th November 2013 Google will close their payment method “Checkout”. If you are offering this service in your ePages online shop, you must adapt to this change. Here we explain what to do.

Google is known to critically evaluate their services again and again. If the community does not use one of them intensively enough Google reacts and the service will be not offered any more. Now, Google has decided to take the Google Checkout payment method from their network. The service is available only until the 20th November 2013. The search engine provides detailed information and answers many questions. The article “Retiring Google Checkout Announcement” explains, among other things, the deadlines for the last orders in November and December.


Google Checkout will soon disappear from the ePages back office

ePages online merchants were able to sign-in to Google Checkout directly from the back office of their web shop. Under Settings >> Payment this option is still visible (named now “Google Wallet”). However, Google Checkout have not accepted any more registrations since May 2013. From autumn of this year, Google Checkout will disappear from the choice of payment methods in the ePages back office.


ePages merchants who use Google Checkout: act now!

Some ePages online merchants have integrated Google Checkout into their web shops and offer this payment option to their customers. These resellers will have to adjust in time before the end of Google Checkout. Please note the following points:


  • Make sure that you still offer the customers of your shop some alternative payment methods next to Google Checkout.
  • To implement a new payment method, go to Settings >> Payment in your back office and follow the steps to embed the respective service.

Add payment method in ePages

  • In our blog category Payment & Delivery we have already published many practical tips and step-by-step instructions for integrating payment service providers into your online shop.

Once you have alternatives and offer them on your site, you can remove Google Checkout from your shop so that your customers do not use this option any more. To do this, follow these steps:


  • Go to Settings >> Payment and select Google Checkout (or “Wallet”) payment by clicking on the check box at the beginning of the line.
  • Then choose one of two options:  Visibility >> Set not visible or Delete.

 Delete Google checkout


  • If you have integrated a Google Checkout icon in your online shop, you should remove it: The easiest way is to go to Design >> Quick design. Click on the Google Checkout icon and press the basket button.

 Remove Google checkout page element


You can also unsubscribe from Google Checkout at any time. You will find detailed information how to do so on Google’s website. In case you have specific questions that cannot be answered based on these pages, Google provides a phone number and an inquiry form.

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