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by Hermann Bach, 19.06.13

mobile_social_mediaIn the car, on the couch or when browsing shop windows in the city centre: We use tablets and smartphones anytime, anywhere – even to go shopping. Why are online merchants well advised to adapt to the growing mobile business. With the resellers of our ePages e-commerce software, merchants make a big leap forward – thanks to the latest update to version 6.15.

The fact is that mobile page views rose massively at merchants using online shop software from ePages. Their mobile view share is already accounting for more than 8% of their total hits across all devices. At the beginning of 2012 it was only around about 4 % (see infographic). Although sales do not swell to the same extent, nor this guarantee more orders, for traders this growth in mobile visitors still confirms its value.


Mobile search continued on the laptop or in brick & mortar shop

Everyone uses their mobile device differently. Some opt to only use the smartphone to browse for products initially, and if they find what they are looking for, they then sit down at their PC or laptop and order from there. The market researcher Fittkau & Maass concluded that approximately two out of three consumers switch the device after they have first searched by mobile.

Other consumers are looking for a traditional brick & mortar retail shop purely because they want a physical experience, to touch their potential product, engage and be advised by the shop owner on subtle differences and tips. According to Fittkau & Maass, about one in five consumers first use their mobile to find the suitable products before going directly into the retail store to make the purchase.

A common buzzword which you may have already come across is “couch-commerce”. This denotes the act of shopping online from the cosy sofa. Especially in the evenings and on weekends, consumers prefer tablets for shopping. For successful couch-commerce, it is important to entertain potential customers. Therefore, merchants should offer many beautiful and optimised pictures and texts to attract them to your product range. Creating an exciting and visually connecting shopping environment is one that will encourage visitors to purchase and return to your web shop.

New mobile shops reflect trends in user behaviour and merchants’ wishes

We had all of these instances in mind when we designed the new mobile view of ePages web shops. To ensure most satisfaction, we went the extra mile by asking regular people at random, to test our mobile shop prototypes and then took into consideration their feedback of improvements. Observing and researching the current design trends enabled us to produce a mobile view that offers attractive product images on the home page together with intuitive touch controls. Symbols on the detail pages now allow for sharing via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. An embedded map function displays with a touch of the “location” of the merchant.

These innovating ideas came at the right time so we are best prepared for the new consumer behaviour. It does not matter which device customers use: ultimately the mobile view is scaled automatically on smartphones or tablets for optimal viewing. It is so convenient for all, merchants and customers alike.


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