ePages 6.15: New features for your online shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 24.04.13

The new version of our online shop software has just arrived. The roll-out at our resellers is in full swing. With this version you’ll be able to enjoy a whole new range of functionalities.

Twice a year we release a new version of our online shop software, which offers a lot of upgrades and improvements. Version 6.15 includes a number of innovations that will help make your online shop more beautiful and enhance its usability. Please ask your provider when the update to 6.15 will be rolled out.

Customers can find products more quickly using search filters

search filters

We already improved the search function of your online shop in version 6.14. The new search filter is based on this and allows your customers to find their desired products even quicker than before.

This is how it works: After a customer types in a search term, search filters appear on the left-hand side of your shop – these allow you to narrow down your search to certain manufacturers for example, a particular price range or customer ratings. Using these filters limits the number of search results.

New online shop design on mobile devices

Mobile internet is becoming more and more important. This is true for e-commerce as well: a lot of people use their mobile devices to buy in online shops. With ePages 6.15 we revamped the mobile version of your online shop and, in particular, enhanced the usability of the mobile version.

Now there is a product slider on the home page and we’ve renewed the product detail page. We also simplified the sharing of products via Facebook, Twitter and email.

ePages mobile shop view

A content slider for your shop

Content slider for your shop

With ePages 6.15 you can add a content slider to your website. It will help you to highlight products, news or promotions. With only a few clicks you can add pictures or adjust its settings.

Create your own forms

Create your own forms

Now you can easily create your own forms, for instance for contests and contact. Simply add new form fields by dragging and dropping them onto the page.

Customisable buttons

Customisable buttons

Customise the buttons in your shop! With version 6.15, you can edit the colour, font size, width and length of the buttons. The shopping cart button can now be changed individually. For instance, you can make it more eye-catching in order to increase your conversion rate.

Faster processing of emails

Faster processing of emails

Your online shop sends out default emails. For example, after buying a product the user receives the purchase confirmation via email. Now, with our new update, you can edit these emails much more easily than before. You can also send out test emails to yourself directly via the back office.

You will soon find a series of blog articles here which describe the features of 6.15 in more detail.