A new system of international payments: Ogone for ePages online shops

by Hermann Bach, 11.02.13

Ogone new payment methodOne payment provider, 80 payment methods: With Ogone, we have added yet another secure Internet payment system to your ePages online shop. Once your provider updates you to ePages version 6.14, you can integrate the service into your shop and offer it to your customers. Find out more about Ogone below– and how to make the necessary changes to your settings.

Ogone offers one of Europe’s leading online payment systems. Why could this provider be beneficial to you? The most important argument is that the system is specifically designed for cross-border e-commerce as it has 80 payment methods, which are widely used in different countries, seemlesly integrated. Whether your customers want to pay in Euros, Swiss francs or British pounds; by choosing Ogone, they can easily pay in the currency of their country and use their preferred payment method. Therefore, Ogone is a good companion to those online merchants who want to expand internationally.

Further advantages for online retailers using Ogone

  • You retain customers, as Ogone is widespread
  • You strengthen customer confidence in your shop
  • You have made it easier to manage your transactions
  • You secure your transactions
  • You can save time

Just as your customers, you should also be thoughtful about the issue of data security. Thanks to its integrity in the use of credit card data, Ogone have met the highest security standards outlined in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS),by achieving the top PCI-DSS Level 1 status. This makes Ogone one of the safest products on the market.

How to set up Ogone in your online shop

Integrating this payment system in the back office of your ePages online shop is just as easy as with any other payment provider:

1. In the menu, go to Settings >> Payment and then follow these steps.

2. At the end of the payment methods overview you will find a drop-down menu. Select Ogone and then click save.

3. Once the line with Ogone appears, click on the Complete it link.

4. On the next screen you will need to follow eleven steps to create your account at Ogone.

5. Then follow the instructions stated on steps number 1, 2 and 3 on the ePages back office in order to create your account with Ogone.

  • Once you access the Ogone administration, go to Configuration>>Technical Information >> Data and Origin Verification, select the SHA-1-IN signature and copy it.
  • Paste it in the field Signature on your ePages back office; enter as well your Ogone login and password (PSPID and Password). Then click on Save.
  • Copy the URL that you will find in step 7 in the ePages back office and go back to your Ogone administration. There, in the tab Transaction feedback, copy the URL in the field  http Request for status change.
  • On the field below called SHA-OUT signature, copy again your SHA-1-IN signature. Click on Confirm and Go.

6. To show your customers that they can use Ogone in your online shop, simply follow the Insert page element now link that you will find in the eleventh and last step of the instructions. A new window opens and you can insert the page element “Ogone” by selecting it from the icons for accepted payment methods.

Now you have everything done to get international business started with Ogone. Good luck there! For more information, visit the Ogone website.

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