How to open the service access for the ePages support team

by Juan Fernandez Aguirre, 06.02.13

Having an ePages online shop gives you the possibility to receive support from our service staff. We can not only help you by telephone, but we can also access the back office of your online shop, to help finding a solution quickly. Here we will explain how this works.

When should I activate the service access?

If you have problems with your online shop it is recommended that you give our service staff or the service staff of your provider (depending on your contract), access to your back office. Our staff will then be able to enter directly into your back office and see where your problem lies.

Please don’t forget to always provide the URL of your online shop (e.g. when contacting our service staff. If you write in the ePages forum, please also specify the name of your provider via a private message.


The option in the back office of your online shop

How do I activate the service access?

Go to the back office of your ePages online shop and click on Settings >> General Settings >> Status. You will find the service access option at the bottom of the page. By default, the service account activation is set to ‘No’.  To turn it on, simply select ‘Yes’ and then  limit the period of time you want to allow the service staff access to your back office. Usually, you should give the support staff at least three working days, depending on the nature of your problem.

When the issue has been resolved, simply select “No” again to disable access. Please note that an ongoing session cannot be interrupted. If one of our employees is in your back office when you disable the service access, they won’t be logged out.

What are the benefits of the service access?

We created this simpler and safer system because, before this option was included in ePages version 6.13.2, merchants had to give their credentials (username and password) to the service staff. With the new functionality you can avoid handing over this sensitive data and rest assure access to your back office remains in your control.

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