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by Emma Searle , 21.01.13

Updates of ePages online shop softwareDo you need to put a lot of information on your product detail pages?  Does this make them confusing and just too long? You can now organise everything by displaying the product information in tabs, making it clearer and easier to decipher.


Note: This function is available from ePages version 6.14.0. To find your online shops version number, read this article.

It’s one of the basic principles in eCommerce: provide your customers with all the information they need on the products you offer. Unfortunately, the more information you include, the more complex and confusing your product detail pages can become. With ePages versions 6.14.0 and higher, help is at hand. Now you can organise all that product information into tabs.


Tabs on product detail page

Example: Here are two tabs set up with the labels “Care Instructions” and “Sizes”


Set up your own tabs

To set up your own tabs go to Products >> Product types. Here, select a product type to create your own tabs for all products of that type. You can fill in the individual product details of those tabs later on. Of course you can also create a new product type. Our example uses a product type called “Shirts”.


Choose a product type in the back office


On the product type page, switch to the Attributes subpage. Now you can add a new attribute for your custom tabs or reuse an existing attribute. In our example, we have added attributes with the names “Care Instructions” and “Sizes”. Please note: there are two permissible attribute types that can be used on a tab, either “Text” or “Language-dependent text”.


The two newly created attributes


After you have created an attribute, click on the attribute name in the table to edit its settings. All that’s left is to set “Display on own tab” to “Yes” and then save the attribute.


For the option “Display on own tab”, select “Yes”


Now you have completed the most important step and the attributes will be shown in a tab on the product detail page.

Next, you can populate the tabs by filling in the details for all related products. To do so, simply select a product; you can navigate to one by selecting Products >> Products from the main menu and then clicking the product number.

Finally, on the product detail page of each product with that product type, you can fill in details for the new attribute and display the content on its own tab.


On the products detail page, enter the information that is to be presented on the tabs you created
















Display HTML elements, images and videos on tabs

If you would like your tabs to contain HTML elements, such as specially formatted text or lists, or if you would like them to display images or videos, you need to enable this function for the respective attribute. On the attribute page, under “Support HTML formatting”, select “Yes”.

Here you can set the tab to permit the display of HTML elements, photos and videos


Specify the order of tabs

Are you using multiple tabs? Would you like to arrange them in a particular order? No problem. Go to Products >> Product types, select the product in question and then select the “Attributes” sub-page. As usual, the overview shows you all the attributes associated with this product type. In the last column of the table, “Sort order”, you can set the attributes’ order by assigning them numbers. The attribute with the lowest number in the “Sort order” column will be shown as the first tab; assuming you have activated the “Display on own tab” option for that attribute. The remaining tabs are displayed in ascending order by their “Sort order” values.


Use the “Sort order” column to arrange the order of the attributes displayed in tabs


If you have questions about creating tabs or would like to know anything else related to your online shop, simply have a look on our Forum.

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  1. 22.01.2013

    Thank you for the new update share, latest got few clients asking for installation help of epages, you fantastic block post are more than helpfull.

  2. 26.01.2013

    Hi there, I love this tab future. It allow me to separate basic product description, ingredients and for example “how to”. Could you please advise me on how to create product rating/feedback using tabs?

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