Reducing Basket Abandonment: Tips to Successfully Complete Customer Transactions

by Juan Fernandez Aguirre, 11.01.13

Is the purchase process in your online shop easy to use? Does it help your customers complete orders – without long pauses? In this post we will give you tips on how to improve your website and make sure you get lots of orders coming through.

With an online shop, as with retail stores, the only way to increase your sales is if the customer goes to the checkout and pays for goods. Therefore it is worth investing in the design and user experience of your purchase process. Ensure the purchase process is a smooth experience for your customers and you will see your basket abandonment rate fall.

The purchase process for the customer needs to be as clear and as simple as possible. The Google Analytics video below humorously highlights the frustration felt by customers, when attempting to navigate lengthy and difficult online checkouts:

The video cleverly highlights some of the most common issues – but you can do better! With a few simple changes in the back office of your ePages online shop, you can make the purchasing process for your customers easy and clear. The following steps will help you.

The Basket Must be Visible

Investigations with test customers have shown that the access to the basket or checkout should be clearly visible on each page. The majority of visitors in the study expected the “View Cart” link to be in the top left of the navigation bar. With ePages (version 6.14 and above), you can also edit the size of the basket symbol next to the “View Cart” link.

A short and simple purchase process

Once a customer has clicked “View Cart”, the next step is to gently guide them through what is known as the basket funnel. It is best to only have a few steps during this process. In the back office you can adjust all of your checkout settings by clicking Settings >> Basket Settings. We recommend using the “in individual steps” option, instead of classic. This way, the purchase process in your online shop will follow these simple steps: 1. Basket, 2.Address, 3.Dispatch, 4. Payment method, 5. Check & Order, (6. Payment).

 Now we will look at the final step, delivery and payment, and how you can configure the settings for these in the back office to improve your conversion rate.

Delivery and Payment Methods

By clicking Settings >> Delivery and Payment, you can choose which options fit best for your customers. Excessive shipping costs can account for up to 74% of abandoned baskets. Therefore, we recommend being upfront about costs and offering different shipping methods alongside standard delivery.  For example, express delivery or customer pickup (if it is possible and appropriate) will not only provide your customers with additional options, but will also make the price of standard delivery seem more appealing. It is also good practice to promote free shipping with a minimum order value to reward good customers.

Under the Payment Method tab there are already some preset options like payment in advance or invoice. However, in the same place you can also include providers such as PayPal, ClickandBuy, Skrill (Moneybookers) and BillSAFE, whose services can be integrated straight into your online shop.

Without registration

Around a quarter of consumers will abandon their basket if forced to provide private information, such as their e-mail address or phone number, for the purpose of registering. Therefore it is advised that your online shop does not require registration to order and only uses customers’ address to send their products. To do this, go to Settings >> Basket settings and click no, as is shown in the picture.

The philosophy of “less is more” is true in real life as in e-commerce. Ask your customers for some information, to promote your shopping experience, but not in excess, and get as many orders as you can in your ePages online shop.

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