Important Information for Merchants Who Use PayPal

by Emma Searle , 17.12.12

Simple setup and adaption of ePages online storesIf you use PayPal as a payment method in your shop, you may have been experiencing some problems lately. To find out how you can solve them, read our article below.

According to PayPal, merchants who signed up or changed their PayPal Pro Hosted settings during October, may experience severe problems with some customers receiving an error message when trying to pay. To help with this, we can offer a workaround until the problem is fixed. Just follow these simple steps and payment via PayPal will once again be working as it should.


  • Log into the merchant account
  • Go to Profile >> Website Payments Pro >> Settings



  • Click the Customer Information section
  • This will show you what billing and shipping information is currently required to process a payment. Please note down the current settings.
  • Un-tick both Billing Information and Shipping Information, then save the changes



  • Once the changes have been saved, re-tick the boxes and reselect the previous settings; then save changes again. (Example only – you should use the settings previously defined.)



  • Your PayPal settings should now be restored and working correctly. We will keep you updated with any news of a permanent fix to this problem

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