Prepare your online shop for Christmas

by Hermann Bach, 31.10.12

Prepare for Christmas businessWith only two months left until Christmas, the remaining time carries huge opportunities. If you haven’t yet prepared your online shop for customers chasing presents, you should do it now. In a mini-series we will be providing last-minute tips for a successful pre-Christmas season. Here is part 1.

To gain the highest revenues possible you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. Your customers are willing to spend money and our tips will help you to benefit from this:

  • Christmas offers: Special offers or low priced action products will get customers’ attention. Make sure you mark special offers and display them with good visibility in your shop.
  • Bestsellers on your home page: Many online merchants have had positive experiences with presenting their bestsellers on their home page and marking them as “Top-Sellers” or “Most wanted products”.
  • Product categories, such as “For Women” etc.: You can create special product categories for women, children or men if your array of products calls for it. This will improve the navigation of your website, which can increase your conversion rate.
  • Check shipping methods: Offering different shipping methods is vital for success in online business. In time for the final rush of the year you should think about this issue. Perhaps now is the right time to offer your customers another shipping method? Also think about differentiating yourself from your competitors by giving discounts on shipping.
  • Delivery until Christmas Eve: If you are promising delievery by Christmas Eve make sure you keep this promise!  Also make sure it is clear when orders must be placed by in order to fulfil this promise.
  • Longer cancellation period: By extending your cancellation notice period over the Christmas season you will increase trust in your online shop. It might be a good idea to allow cancellations for presents bought in November until the end of December. Don’t forget to indicate clearly special Christmas conditions.

Before this year’s Christmas trade starts, you certainly need to ensure the process behind your online shop is running smoothly. If you promise quick delivery you need a perfectly organized storage and shipping system and enough staff. This is very important if you want to deliver to your customers right up until the final few days before Christmas. And what happens after the holidays? Just keep on selling. Contact occasional customers and try to convert them to regular ones.

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