Fit for Christmas: How to win customers

by Hermann Bach, 31.10.12

How to win customers and enhance loyaltyThe countdown to Christmas Eve begins. In Part 2 of our mini-series, explaining how to gain more customers with little effort, we will show you how to make your online shop fit for the holiday period.

Do you want to attract more visitors to come and buy from your online shop? You can easily have them. Here are some tips to make sure that many new customers find your shop:

  • Online portals like eBay or Amazon: If you don’t offer your products in these large market places, you will miss an opportunity to gain numerous customer contacts. Surveys of online shoppers have shown that nearly two out of three potential buyers look first at eBay or Amazon first when shopping on the Internet.
    With an ePages online shop, you can easily sell your products on eBay or Amazon. A few clicks in the administration area are sufficient and off you go. Many of our online merchants have attracted additional business by doing so.  This also improves your visibility on the Internet, attracting new customers to your website.
  • Newsletters and coupons: Your ePages online shop provides you with the ability to send out newsletters from the administration area. Many readers will already be looking for presents and look forward to receiving tips on where to buy attractive presents. You have the possibility to generate discount codes for regular buyers and thus can enhance customer loyalty.
  • Sell on Facebook: Using social networks like Facebook, you can attract additional customers to your Christmas activities. We explain how you can provide offer products offers on this social network site with just a few clicks here: Ideas for selling on Facebook.
  • Google AdWords campaign: The end of the year may be a good time to invest in advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords. Think about what your potential customers might search for. Of course, some of the most popular will be terms such as “gift” or “gifts”. Combine this with words that precisely describe your products and product categories.

With these tips, you will attract more visitors to your online shop. Once a customer comes to your shop make sure that the shopping experience is fun, the delivery works perfectly and you provide an excellent service. After Christmas, you should try to turn your newly acquired customers into loyal customers by offering discount codes to be redeamed in January or encouraging them to sign up to your newsletter.

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