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by Tim Osborne, 17.04.12

With version 6.14, the product detail page of the ePages storefront is sporting a new look. This ‘preview’ article will help you learn more about how the new design can help you increase sales in your eShop.

The product detail page is an essential element for the success of your eShop. It provides your customers with the important information they need for making purchasing decisions. With ePages version 6.14, we have made fundamental changes to the design of the product detail page and now present you with seven new layouts to choose from. In addition, there are a host of additional changes that improve the user-friendliness of the shop. Version 6.14 will be released end of June 2012.

Our top priority during the conception and design of the new layout options was to answer the following question: how can we increase the conversion rate for ePages merchants by redesigning the product detail page? Or to put it another way: how should the page look so that customers will purchase more? The answer was to make improvements to the design and layout of our eShops – these changes will be enabled in your eShop with version 6.14

The following presents an overview of the most important changes. Want to see some screenshots? Then scroll to the bottom of this article.


Seven new layouts

Currently, you can select from seven different layouts for the product detail page. In future, these will be replaced by seven new ones.

If you want some time to get used to the new layouts, it’s no problem – in the six-month transition, you can decide for yourself whether you would like to use one of the new layouts or if you would prefer to use one of the old ones. However, with version 6.15.0, the old layouts will then no longer be available.


Highlighting the “Add to basket” button

The “Add to basket” button is one of the most important elements of your eShop. With version 6.14, this button is now displayed more prominently:

–  The “Add to basket” button is now located higher on the page, which makes it more visible.
–  We have also made it slightly larger.
–  It is now located in its own box together with the specification of the price.


Product information on tabs

All relevant product information can now be shown in tabs. This increases the clarity enormously and the user no longer needs to scroll down to display additional information.

You can also create your own tabs on the product detail page. This enables you to offer the user any additional information you would like about the product. Elements such as images and even videos can be placed on these tabs.

Here are several examples of product information that you can soon have displayed on tabs:

–  Test reports
–  Technical information
–  Press releases
–  Frequently asked questions
–  Product reviews by users


Displaying the stock level

When displaying the stock level of a product, you can now also have the actual quantity in stock be displayed (instead of the standard “traffic light” icon). Many merchants only use the management of the stock level for internal purposes and do not want this information to be displayed to users. In this case, the availability of a product can now also be hidden.


Additional changes

–  Links such as “Add to shopping list” and “Compare” are displayed in two columns for more clarity.
–  Some of the text elements have been shortened. “Product is in stock” has now been changed to “In stock”. A small change, but one which ensures just a little more clarity.



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  1. 18.04.2012

    New pages look good – well done guys!

  2. 18.04.2012

    Looks very good but how does it look if you use (long) variation tables? Thank you.

  3. 19.04.2012

    For us, the most important thing was to be able to show bigger size photos in the product pages and I still don’t see it. Have you made any update to this? Doesn’t any other ePages shops have the same problem with small size pictures and the little control over them? Thank you

    • 25.04.2012

      I agree. I have just started to build my eshop using ePages and whilst I am pleased with a lot of the functionality available to me I am really frustrated by the lack of flexibility of the size of photos available within the product pages. It is all well and good to be able to roll over the image and have a larger version appear but it would be much better to have a 500*500px high quality image for the customer to look at as soon as the page loads. It would also be good to have the ability to show a large slide show of product images on the home page (again at 500*500px) with links through to the product pages. Whilst there is the coverflow option to display product images on the home page again the images are only small and lack impact. I would be keen to hear of any ways around these issues.

  4. 25.05.2012

    Dear Darren,
    your request is not possible at the moment, the images have this size, because bigger images will destroy the template layout.
    I’ve forwarded your request to our Productmanagement, so that they can check and decide if and how we can realize this.
    Alexander Pribicin
    Community-Supervisor ePages GmbH

  5. 15.06.2012

    Hi there, I love the new version of ePages shop and I can’t wait for the new templates for product detail page. I have added a new products recently and realised that master product is 100% optimised for search engines and its variations (volume 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, etc) has SEO only 35-45%. the products only differs in volume and price. Can you advice me on how to optimise product variations? Thank you

  6. 13.07.2012

    I agree with Borja and Darren. I have been awaiting an upgrade *hoping* that the image size issue on product detail pages would be addressed, but again see no change. Cannot we at least have “zoom magnify” effect that so many other e-commerce shops offer, this way we can at least enlarge our image on mouseover. The height of the image is the problem. When trying to sell dresses that are tall and thin, the image is tiny. One of my clients has already said that if this version does not offer larger image sizes, she will take her business away and go to another ecommerce software which will be a real shsame.

    I have asked for this functionality for 3 years now!

  7. 13.07.2012

    Hopefully, you folks are looking for constructive criticism: I’ve been with ePages since it was Intershop, and hence have gone through at least 7 full migrations. It appears that your team peaked with 6.11 and have been going down since. It seems you are playing catch-up with Internet majors like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The roll-over magnifier is simply a gimmick and not an improvement over the previous enlarger that darkened the background. Using tabs to neatly pack info is equally a copy-cat device, and not a very good one. Either strive for innovation or keep well enough alone, yes? One obvious improvement would be the option to search for various parameters (such as author, publisher) in the advanced search engine.

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