Selling Products Using Google Base

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Online merchants can position all their products at Google Base for free. An interface to Google Base in the ePages shop software facilitates a one-time exporting of products and updating them at regular intervals. In the next entry, you can read about how to publish your products at Google Base.*


Activating Google Base

Under the Marketing tab in the administration area of your shop, you will find a Product portals menu item. By selecting this, you can get to the overview page of the portal activation for your shop. Select Google Base and additional portals if necessary via the boxes on the right side and save your input.

Registering at Google Base

To publish your shop products at Google Base you'll need to have a Google account set up first. If you do not yet have one, you can register at or click on the To merchant registration under Marketing -> Product portals -> Google Base -> General. Under, in the upper right, you now find a link My Items, via which you can then get to a Settings tab. In the settings, you enter the URL of your shop (and other information) that you find on the settings page for Google Base in your administration.

Preparing products for Google Base

If you do not want to export all products, mark the products that you would like to sell via the portal under Products and click on Assign to product portal in the dropdown menu. Select Google Base in the following view and other portals (if applicable) to which you would like to export your products and click on Assign. The products are now ready for further processing in the respective portal areas of your shop administration.

If you want to export all products, set the option Export all products in the portal area to Yes.

Exporting products to Google Base

Those products that you have activated for Google Base lie under Marketing -> Product portals -> Google Base -> Products if you have already performed the above-described product preparation. In the General tab, click on the Export button to create an export file of the products. Save the file using a simple name (right mouse button -> Save target as).

All other settings are now performed directly at Google Base.


Show shipping charges

Unfortunately, no shipping charges can as yet be shown with Google Base.

Exporting product variations

Product variations should usually not be exported individually because otherwise for example, every t-shirt in every colour and size will be displayed separately (no dropdown possible). Instead, export the main product only and indicate using the product description that there are other versions in the shop that can be selected.
In some branches, however, it may make sense to export the individual variations. To do this, set Export all products to no and create the list of products to export manually.

Exporting images

If you as yet haven't been using a single image in different sizes but rather different product images for the respective view types, you can specify which image shall be exported to the portal.

Exporting descriptions

With descriptions, you can also select which of the ones already created you would like to send to the portal. But you can also export your own texts for Google Base by defining theses as product attribute and assigning this to the product to be exported.

To do this, first create a new product type under Products -> Product types (e.g. "Boatneck Shirt Google Base"). Click on the name of the product type and create e.g. an attribute "product description" under the Attribute tab. As Type, select Text or Language-dependent text. Under Products, now click on the product to which the attribute is to be assigned. Under Attribute, select the product type you just created and enter your product description in the free text field. This text attribute is subsequently displayed in Google Base.


Products can always be manually uploaded. The processing at Google Base takes about 24 hours after the upload. Since Google usually deletes uploaded products again after one month, you should preferably perform the upload automatically. Select an appropriate interval for the upload depending on how often you change published articles on Google Base (prices, texts etc). But a manual export is still always possible.


*All explanations apply to ePages 5 and 6.

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