What should I do in post-production for high quality product images?

by Thomas Kragelund (Pixelz), 24.04.16

You want to impress your customers with amazing product pictures? Then you should pay special attention to the post-production of your images. Thomas Kragelund from Pixelz explains what you need to consider.

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The ePages Theme Store: Modern design templates for your online shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 19.04.16

With the ePages premium themes your shop will have a new, modern and outstanding design.

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Going live with your online shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 15.04.16

You are nearly ready to go live with your online shop? Then it's time for testing the shop and for making sure that everything works.

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Video: How customer reviews can help you

by Kristof Maletzke, 11.04.16

Customer reviews are essential for your shop: They not only help your visitors with their buying decision, but also show them some "social proof". In our short video you can learn more about this topic.

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Boost online sales with consumer psychology

by Graham Jones, 04.04.16

Online consumer behavior is something every business website owner would love to predict. After all, if you could predict how your customers would behave you could produce exactly the right kind of website and be sure of guaranteed success. Sadly, it’s not that easy. Indeed, it is not as easy as it is in the “real world” of retail, for instance.

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Product photography: What’s a good artificial lighting setup?

by Thomas Kragelund (Pixelz), 10.03.16

The importance of product images to eCommerce is nearly impossible to overstate. Online shopping is a visual experience, and your customer will equate the quality of your imagery with the quality of your product. In this guest article, Thomas Kragelund from Pixelz explains how to setup your artificial lighting for shooting beautiful product pictures.

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How you can sell more in the time before Easter

by Andrea del Campo, 08.03.16

For many merchants, the Christmas time stays the most profitable period of the year. But what about Easter? In our article you can learn how to increase your revenue during the time before the holidays.

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Mastering your “About us” page

by Kristof Maletzke, 29.02.16

On the “About us” page, you can tell the story behind your company and create an emotional connection to your customers.

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The right typography for your online shop

by Lukas Rathmann, 25.02.16

Designers often say that the text makes up 90% of a website’s design. Whether or not that’s true, textual aspects certainly contribute to the user experience. In this article by our Product Manager User Experience Lukas Rathmann, you can read about the things to watch for with regard to text and learn how effective typography can improve your shop’s conversion rate.

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E-mail marketing - 9 tips for a successful B2C newsletter

by Lars Tinnefeld (Trusted Shops), 18.02.16

With 9 practical tips, Lars Tinnefeld, e-mail marketing manager at Trusted Shops, explains how online retailers can properly organise their e-mail marketing and tap its full potential.

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