Destination vs. Origin sourcing: Why location matters in the online commerce debate

by Avalara Sales Taxes, 30.10.15

Location, location, location. The number one rule in real estate is now the tipping point in the debate on Internet sales tax. Battling legislation calls into play the fairness of destination versus origin sourcing when applying sales tax rules. While lawmakers continue to drag their feet on a formal decision, there’s no shortage of options (or arguments) for who should have the power to collect should a federal remote seller sales tax law go into effect. In June, another proposal hit the hopper, this time from Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, bringing the official bill count up to three.

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eCommerce 101: what every consumer now expects from your online store

by Andrea del Campo, 22.10.15

Too often, you can work hard to win customers to your website only to have them abandon their purchases. Why? Either because they don’t easily find what they are looking for or because the site does not meet their expectations. What are the standards that customers now expect when visiting an online shop? The truth is that shoppers today make few distinctions between larger and smaller retailers, and expect a consistent and high quality experience from all online stores.  To help, we’ve prepared a check-list of the main elements needed to maximize consumer confidence and reduce shop abandonment:

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ePages at the cPanel conference 2015

by Dario Wilding, 09.09.15

From the 14th-16th of September, the tenth anniversary of the cPanel conference will take place in the Westin Denver Downtown Hotel in Denver, Colorado. True to the motto "Where the Internet meets in person", the  conference brings together entrepreneurs, developers, hosting providers and website owners. Over the span of three days, workshops and discussions are open to curious minds from all across the hosting world.

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Shippo: Create shipping labels across multiple shipping carriers

by Dario Wilding, 06.07.15

ePages merchants in the U.S. can now directly connect their online store with Shippo to create shipping labels across multiple shipping carriers. Carriers include the USPS, DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, and OnTrac.

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Defining your shipping strategy: what to consider?

by Andrea del Campo, 06.07.15

Shipping options and speed of delivery are two crucial aspects for conversion in your online store. There is nothing that customers like more than free delivery. However, what’s good for them does not mean it will be good for you as the merchant. It’s important to clearly inform your costumers about your shipping terms. This information should be displayed in a way that your visitors cannot miss it: perhaps in the header with a link to a separate page or in an info box. Read on to learn more about delivery, logistics and order processing.

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Make the checkout easy with a range of payment options

by Andrea del Campo, 29.05.15

The payment options you present to your customers are part of your offer. Displaying them on your home page and product pages is simple to do and very powerful, especially for first time customers. This means: if your customers, either existing or potential, do not find the proper payment methods to checkout, it is very likely that they will abandon your shop without purchasing.

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The best search for your online shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 18.05.15

For online merchants, a good search function is essential. When customers visit your shop, the first thing many of them do is enter a search term rather than clicking through categories or following links.

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Selling through marketplaces and price comparison portals

by Andrea del Campo, 04.05.15

When you are selling online, there’s a huge variety of channels to promote your business. There’s not only your online shop but also many other channels, such as marketplaces. In this article, we explain the benefits of selling though marketplaces and product portals as well as the possibilities of this from your ePages shop.

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Customisable products: adaptable and individual

by Kristof Maletzke, 10.04.15

The do-it-yourself trend continues and you too can profit from it in your shop. Customisable products enable your customers to adapt products themselves and create anything from T-shirts to mugs with their own designs.

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Coupons: a tried and tested marketing technique that customers love

by Kristof Maletzke, 17.03.15

By offering coupons you give your customers an attractive incentive to place an order in your shop - or to order more than they planned to.

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